Voting for open SGA positions concluded last week and the results are in, and next year’s sophomore class representatives are already looking forward to the difference they can make next year.

The leaders of the sophomore class include President Riley Brannan, Vice President Jack Marshall, Secretary Brooke Hyde and Treasurer Charlotte Mather.

SGA’s main goal is to do what’s best for students and bring in more school spirit. They organize events that happen throughout the school year.

“As president, I am most excited [about] planning social school events like homecoming and coming up with fun fundraising ideas to help support those events,” Brannan said.

SGA also pays attention to what students want and use their voice to satisfy the needs of students.

“As vice president I hope to achieve not only what the school and my class needs, but also what they want in a school environment,” Marshall said.

Running for SGA may seem like a complicated process, but it is quite simple. People who wish to run fill out an application. Once accepted, they were sent an email by Ms. Mienert, the SGA sponsor, confirming their run for office and encouraging them to start campaigning.

Running to be a class representative sounds like a nerve wracking thing, but having a support system that cheers you on is very encouraging.

“What inspired me to run was mostly my friends,” Hyde said. “They’re just so encouraging and support one another equally.”
The 2022-2023 sophomore class representatives have great ideas in mind and will make amazing things happen next year.
“With the help of my other sophomore class representatives, we will be able to achieve the best year yet,” Mather said.