Thor Ragnarok has plenty of action and comedy. Also, it’s the best rated superhero movie of all time, mainly due to the fact that it’s unpredictable, unlike many other superhero movies.

For one thing, the hero has to battle evil forces both within and outside his family. In addition, the hero spends a lot of time in prison, causing multiple setbacks.

His main objective is to save his home planet from destruction, but Thor doesn’t win every battle. Viewers don’t have to wait for a plot to build because the movie is jam-packed with action from the very first scene.

You may have seen some teasers in the trailers, but you will be surprised what happens when Thor meets up with Hulk in the movie.

The movie contains lots of humor and sarcasm between Thor and his siblings. Anybody who can relate to sibling arguments will enjoy the back and forth banter of this movie. Thor also realizes that he is more than just a superhero with a hammer.

Be sure to catch this movie while you can; it is playing at Paragon Theatre, Towne Center and Silverspot Cinema.