Prom season is finally here and finding the perfect place to take prom pictures is a priority.

Everyone always wants the perfect location with the perfect lighting and the prettiest backgrounds, so here are some places that are worth a try.

Waterside Shops

The Waterside Shops are located on 5415 Tamiami Trail North. It is an outside mall in North Naples that is more on the higher end. There are beautiful fountains and an appealing landscape. People can always take pictures and get some dinner while they’re there.

“The Waterside Shops are my favorite place to take pictures even though it’s cliche, the pictures always come out great there,” senior David Hosier said.


Bayfront is located on Naples Bay in downtown Naples. It is right on the water and is an outside location. Pictures can be taken near the water, near the huge fountain in the middle of the plaza, or even just around and near the shops. Students can even grab a bite to eat while in the area as there are plenty of places to choose from.

The Garden of Hope and Courage

The Garden of Hope and Courage is located on 332 8th Street North in downtown Naples. It is a peaceful place with lots of greenery and flowers. It is completely outdoors with a pond in the middle. There are benches and tables around too. This place is perfect if students are looking for an outdoorsy vibe.

“The Garden of Hope and Courage is beautiful and it is not very crowded due to the fact that it is a decently big place,” senior Carole Ann Desormeau said.

The Naples Pier

The Naples Pier is located on 12th Avenue South In downtown Naples. It is on the beach, which means near the water. Pictures can be taken on the actual pier itself or even on the actual beach part right below. It’s a great place to really get the whole Florida feel.

“The beach is definitely my favorite place to take pictures,” senior Teresa Martin said.

The Naples Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is located on Bayshore Drive. Admission into the garden is $19.95 for adults, so it will cost to take pictures in the garden. The Garden is filled with beautiful plants and greenery from all over. They also do have a pond so pictures could also be taken by the water. It an outside place so students will also be getting natural lighting. It is a great place if they don’t mind the price to enter the garden.

These are just some suggestions for places for pictures, but anywhere they are taken I’m sure will be great!