As the year comes to an end, juniors happily await to become the school’s new seniors.

“It’s really hard being a senior and having all the expectations of your parents and teachers,” senior Sarah Morris said.

Senioritis also plays a big part in senior life. With the feeling that the end is near, students easily get lazy and simply stop caring about school. There is a general feeling of not needing to try because they have already been accepted to colleges.

“I’d definitely advise juniors to finish strong senior year,” senior Hannah Lofgren said.

Senior year is a time when students really start thinking about colleges, which can lead to a lot of stress. A lot of seniors also get overwhelmed with things outside of school, like a job or an athletic scholarship. It is easy for the focus to get off of their current classes.

“It’s a lot better when you take easy classes senior year,” senior Jimmy Carol said.

There is a lot involved in navigating senior year such as the pressure to choose the right college and to make appropriate transitions into being an adult.