Monday, November 28, 2022

The transition from high school to life

Everyone in their lifetime will have to experience the big jump from being a kid to being an adult as they move from one part of their lives to the next. With this transition comes stress, nerves and excitement.

I am beyond excited; I get to move into an entire new state with new people and start on the road to my future.

– senior Bella Kinsley

Some students are exhilarated and are looking forward to what the future holds. Yet for others, it is a mixed state of emotion.

“It is really scary but also very exciting as it’s a brand new chapter in my life,” senior Henry Yu said.

The transition can be a bittersweet moment for most, and some students also have to balance and maintain a job, school and/or a sport all at the same time. 

“Scariest part is having football and a job,” senior Slade Dollar said. “I plan on getting a tutor if I get stressed with work, being here [in Florida] eases stress of financials.”

Sometimes, juggling multiple things at once can get hard and be a factor for anxiety. Moving out and being away from home can also create fear. 

“I have some nerves going far away from my family, but this experience is one not many people are fortunate to receive,” Kinsley said. “I’m just one phone call away and if I was really stressed or homesick, I do have extended family just outside of my school.” 

Moving away from family can be frightening for seniors, and some can deal with bad homesickness. Others, however, look forward to the opportunity to live on their own and have a sense of independence. 

“[It’s] not scary at all, I love living alone,” Dollar said. “I don’t often get very homesick; I like my space.”

While certain people will thrive living on their own, others may need help coping with being far from home. Students have learned a lot during the transition and were told a handful of tips and advice, yet they feel like they missed one very important piece of information.

Don’t stress the small stuff and live every day to the fullest. I feel as though young adults are trained to be nervous or confused when transitioning into an independent adult, but in actuality it’s one of the greatest parts of growing up.

– Kinsley



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