The modern adaption of Mattel’s “Barbie” is coming to theaters on July 21 after the release of two major teaser trailers. These trailers show a glimpse of the campy film set in Barbie Land, a town that consists of bright pink colors and a nostalgic atmosphere. The highly anticipated movie will star Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as power couple Barbie and Ken.

Initial Glimpse

On April 26, Warner Bros. Pictures released the first official photo of Robbie as Barbie, wearing a chunky beaded bracelet, polka dotted headband and striped halter top. She posed in the most desired Barbie vehicle of choice, the infamous pink convertible.


Robbie made headlines during the summer of 2022 as many production pictures made their way onto the Internet. Vanity Fair displayed photos that caused Twitter users to go into a frenzy. In one of these series of pictures, Robbie and Gosling wore matching funky workout sets with an 80s flair alongside neon green rollerblades and kneepads. Will Ferrell wore a suit and tie while sporting black rollerblades in contrast, fitting for the portrayal of the CEO of Mattel. However, the most recognizable production shot was of the Barbie actress wearing an all pink cowgirl outfit. Robbie’s familiar bleach blonde hair remained loose and topped with a white cowboy hat. She wore a collared sleeveless top and bell-bottom pants adorned with iridescent stars at the cuffs. The ultra-feminine ensemble instantly became an Internet favorite, catching the eye of social media creators. Despite the movie not being released yet, fans were already recreating the titular character’s style.

Release of Teaser Trailer

On Dec. 16, the first “Barbie” trailer was shown to the public. The dramatic tone of the narrator telling the history of how the doll came to be, as well as the orchestral piece, may sound familiar. Of course, this was intentional. According to an article published by PopSugar, the cinematography was meant to mimic the infamous Stanley Kubrick movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Even the small promotion clip did not escape the subtle genius of director Greta Gerwig. The trailer was set in a desert at sunset and focused on a group of little girls wearing 19th century dresses. Once they realized the magnificence of Barbie, they threw their baby dolls to the ground in uproar. Although Robbie was hilariously oversized compared to the little girls, this did not stop her from pulling off yet another fashion moment. She had a 50s style bathing suit, cat-eye sunglasses and a red lip.

Release of Teaser Trailer 2

On April 14, the second teaser for the Barbie movie was released. The trailer gave audiences a fuller glimpse of what to expect in theaters on July 21. The opening scene displayed an aerial view of Barbie Land, consisting of pink streets, pastel roofs and a heart-shaped border. As the classic Barbie entered the beach, the audience was introduced to the plethora of other Barbies and Kens that will be seen throughout the movie. Recognizable actors that have a role as one of these iconic dolls include Simu Liu, Michael Cera, America Ferrera and many others. The roll of clips played after these exciting appearances make it evident that the film will be action packed. With a fight scene, musical number and other antics, the production should appeal to all demographics. Most importantly, director Gerwig gave the public major insight into the film. Robbie’s Barbie was shown frantically leaving Barbie Land while driving toward the sign that read “Real World: This Way.” Unbeknownst to Barbie, her boyfriend also joined her on this new adventure.

Overall Expectations

The Barbie movie seems to already have captivated a strong audience before the film was even brought to the big screen. Based on Gerwig’s past works, I am positive that the movie will be just as successful as projects like “Lady Bird” and the modern adaptation of “Little Women.” I am looking forward to seeing Barbie and Ken in a new light that strays away from their typical portrayals. Most notably, I predict that the unique cinematography and offbeat sense of humor will most likely make the film another cult classic.