Valentine’s Day, a day filled with adornment and love. A time for couples everywhere to celebrate being together. And while some are enthusiastic about the holiday, others feel quite different. For singles, Valentine’s Day isn’t any time to party. So they just have to wait an extra day to celebrate, as Feb. 15 marks Singles Awareness Day.

Singles Awareness Day, (S.A.D.), serves as a great compliment to Valentine’s Day. Rather than a day dedicated to your relationship, those who celebrate S.A.D. rejoice their love for friends, family, and of course, themselves.

“I think that when you’re single you should focus on yourself and your future,” single and ready to mingle junior Elle Bancroft said. “Single people should learn to love themselves and their accomplishments.”

Some Naples High students who find themself wrapped up in relationships vocalize that dating isn’t a breeze.

“I think that relationships have their ups and downs,” taken sophomore Ashton Mills said. “They’re slightly overrated.”

Even teachers can agree the single life has its benefits and that being in a relationship isn’t a must.

“I’m not obsessive on being in a relationship,” Naples High School photography and journalism teacher, and single woman Ms. Rosset said. “I’m content by myself.”

However, some people really enjoy being in a relationship and frown upon single folk and active celebrants of S.A.D.

“Sucks to be you,” cuffed senior Kevin Mendoza said. “It’s very depressing and I feel bad for the people who celebrate.”

But don’t let Kevin get you down singles! Happy Singles Awareness Day.