The famous Duck Donuts is opening its new location. The freshly made and customizable donuts will be in the Parkshore Plaza in Naples, Florida.

Students in the Park Shore area are ecstatic for this grand opening.

“I think that it’s cool and it’s gonna be a good place to eat,” sophomore Cameron Byrd said. “It’s also really close to where I live.”

This popular chain is appealing to previous visitors as well.

“I am very excited because I love donuts,” sophomore Ruth Sanders said. “I have been to the location in Bonita, but now I’ll be able to walk there.”

Students that have yet to try these delicious donuts are just as excited.

“I’ve never been there, but I will probably go a lot because of how close it is,” sophomore Jack Eckelman said.

Duck Donuts’ convenient location will make it a hotspot for Naples High students.

“I can’t wait to try this new place,” junior Ari Guardian said. “I know there is one in Bonita, but it’s too far from where I live.”

The construction of Duck Donuts is expected to be completed in fall 2019.