It seems that almost everybody has a knack for afternoon snacks. At Naples High, snacks are often sold at cafeteria vendors, and even vending machines across campus. Snacks sold usually cost anywhere from $.50-$2.

Snacks from these vending machines vary from fruit snacks to chips, including brands such as Welches, Cheetos, Doritos, and others.

“Extra cheddar Goldfish is my favorite because it has that extra cheddar flavor,” said senior Zeb Fuller. “It’s also the snack that smiles back”.

“I like the saltiness and cheesiness of Goldfish,” said senior Blake Novak.

Other cheesy snacks also seemed to be popular among Naples high students.

“Cheez-Its are my favorite because they have many flavors to choose from”, sophomore Brianna Daley said.

However, several students had snack favorites that did not include the large amount of cheese or salt that Goldfish and Cheez-Its contain.

“My favorite snack is pizza rolls, because they are just so easy to cook”, freshman Hailey Kelsey said. “Simply heat them in the microwave, and they are ready to eat”.

Other students tend to pick sweeter options than those of chips.

“I like Fruit Roll-Ups because they’re very flavorful and have a variety of flavors to choose from,” said senior Brandon Hernandez.